How do we become the neighbor that Mr. Rodgers wants us to be?

Educate yourself about racism and racial injustice. If you don't know where to start, many libraries have created reading lists to start conversations about racial injustice. Hogansville Public Library in Hogansville GA created this reading list.

More reading resources for children and young adults are at the following sites:

Diverse Families BookShelf

We Need Diverse Books

Coretta Scott King Book Awards

Watch these shows and listen to this for more information.

According to Yale.Edu ways to be an ally to people of color include:

  1. Own that we are “raced”

  2. Make privilege visible

  3. Work collaboratively with people of color

  4. Nurture truth-telling relationships

  5. Work through shame and guilt

  6. Do the work from a place of self-love

  7. Stay on the journey

Librarians and libraries work to create an equitable and inclusive environment with equal treatment for all. Through workshops, I have learned these steps. I am not an expert; I'm on my own journey to be a better ally to people of color. This post is a starting point to examine where you are on the journey of becoming a good neighbor and ally to people of color.

Librarians and libraries are not neutral.