Change Up Your Thinking for Photography

Whether you are completely new to photography or have been at it for a while there are a few things everyone should think about. Below we are going to discuss a few things, I think, that can help change up your photography and add a creative outlet in our new unpredictable world.

male lion lying on rock
© Hayley Drummond Photography

Look for new and different perspectives. This is probably something you have heard before, but it is still valid. Always try and find a new way to look at a scenario. Don't be afraid to get on the ground or find a crack in the wall to shoot through to get a shot others may not even see.

couple hugging in filed with sparkles circling them
© Hayley Drummond Photography

Play with settings. Even on an iPhone, you can change up the settings which give you more control over a shot. More control means you can be more creative. For example, a long exposure photo can allow you to light right or get really smooth water in a waterfall photo.

© Hayley Drummond Photography

Take a ton of photos. This is something I practice all the time. Many of my favorite photos I have gotten because I take a large number of photos. Sure planning is great, but candid, unexpected shots are generally the best and have a more organic feel to them.

Be patient. This one probably applies more to wildlife photography, but whenever you are shooting a subject that can move and is totally uncontrollable, patience is your best friend. I have waited 40 minutes at a zoo to get a photo of a month old baby giraffe feeding. Sometimes waiting is a good thing.

Fountain at night
© Hayley Drummond Photography

Pay attention to lighting. Sure just about everyone has heard about the golden hour, but have you heard about the blue hour? It is just as gorgeous and is an hour before sunrise. Don't forget to watch the shadows. With lighting, you can create specific shadows or silhouettes that can really take your photos to the next level.

two tigers playing
© Hayley Drummond Photography

Author Bio: Hello there! I am Hayley Drummond. I am an animal lover, adventure seeker, military spouse, and last but NOT least a professional photographer. I love shooting animals and landscapes whenever I can and wherever I am. I am proud to have two of my photographs published in the Virginia Zoological Parks 2020 calendar. I am working towards having my photographs included in the 2021 calendar!

Mother and baby giraffe
© Hayley Drummond Photography